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Baby Steps and Momentum

I’ve set the goal to post every day.

At a minimum all I need to commit is 50 words.

That’s pretty easy to start with, especially if I haven’t gotten this to be a part of my routine yet.

I don’t need to stop at 50 just set a minimum.

It’s almost as shallow as a tweet.




Feedback on a beta app

I wrote an app to fill a need I had.
I want to figure out how much time I spend on everything without using a really obnoxious spreadsheet and manually clocking time.

Enter: Time Tracker.

I’ve got some grand vision for its future, but for now I’m just looking for some basic feedback. I can post the feature backlog if anyone would like to see it.

Until I set up a built-in system to collect feedback, this blog and my email will suffice.

Link here:

Will likely break in the future.